The Erken Laboratory is located by the shore of lake Erken, 70 km northeast of Stockholm. A substantial lake monitoring program running for several decades makes Lake Erken one of the very few lakes in Northern Europe that has a long history of monitoring, including both manual and high-frequency automatic measurements of the lake and its connecting streams.
10 m
5.7 °C
Mean annual temperature
562.65 mm
Mean annual precipitation
Climate zone

Detailed information

Erken Laboratory is located on the shore of Lake Erken, situated in the hemi-boreal landscape 70 km northeast of Stockholm. The station has served as a combined research station and study center for researchers and students at Uppsala University since the 1940s and runs an extensive environmental monitoring program, with some datasets dating back to the founding of the station. The program features both manual and automated high-frequency measurements, including one of the lengthiest series of water temperature, water chemistry, and plankton community analyses. Erken Laboratory serves as a research resource and actively participates in various projects focused on climate change effects on lake ecosystems. The station offers data access, opportunities for new experiments, and the support of skilled technicians. Additionally, it houses an accredited laboratory for water, lake chemistry, and plankton analyses, along with an experimental facility for mesocosm experiments.
5.7 °C
59.83653, 18.64212
10 m