Abisko Scientific Research Station is the northernmost SITES research station. Located app. 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, researchers are drawn to the station to study its unique ecosystems which includes, mountain birch forest, mountain heaths, alpine areas, mires, lakes, and rivers.
385 m
-0.6 °C
Mean annual temperature
350.0 mm
Mean annual precipitation
Climate zone

Detailed information

Abisko Scientific Research Station is located about 200km north of the Arctic Circle in a 46 ha nature reserve boarding the Abisko National Park. The station, first established in 1913, sits on the south shore of Lake Torneträsk and is surrounded by mountains. The high variability of topography, geomorphology, geology, climate, and its bio-complexity attracts a large number of researchers to the stations every year. At the research station, several unique long-term experiments are conducted, attracting scientists from all over the world. Every year the research station receives around 200 scientists who study the birch woods, mires, mountain heaths, alpine and glaciated areas, lakes, and rivers. Researchers have access to laboratories, greenhouses, experimental gardens, meeting rooms, lecture halls, workshops, kitchens and living facilities. As a scientist, you have access to five field huts near the station.
-0.6 °C
68.354444, 18.815833
385 m