Svartberget research station is a hub for long term research in the boreal zone of northern Sweden. The field station is located northeast of central Vindeln, a one-hour drive westwards from Umeå. Research in the area focuses on mire ecosystems, catchment scale hydrological studies and forest management.
230 m
1.8 °C
Mean annual temperature
614.0 mm
Mean annual precipitation
Climate zone

Detailed information

The Svartberget Research Station outside Vindeln has over 1500 ongoing experimental field trials, and cooperates with researchers from around the world. The main purpose of the infrastructure is to create a field platform for soil, forest, water, mire and atmosphere research, as well as creating the possibility to study interactions within and between these different parts of the landscape. The station can provide very long time series of climate variables and includes several very well studied areas within the field of forestry, water and mire ecosystems. Krycklan is an integral part of the Svartberget field research infrastructure, which belongs to the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). The Svartberget Research Station is also responsible for the Degerö mire, Rosinedal, Flakaliden and Norrliden.
1.8 °C
64.24434, 19.76646
230 m